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KGY-YS series electrodialysis using high-frequency switching power supply

This series of power supply with PWM pulse width adjustment technology, with small size, high efficiency and other advantages are widely used in electrodialysis processes.

Output voltage and current digital display;

Output current and voltage are adjustable;

With phase, overcurrent, overtemperature protection function;

Optional safety interlock locking function;

Optional PLC networking interfaces (0-5v ,0-10v ,4-20ma);

Optional RS-485 communication interface with digital control;

Optional commutation function;

Air cooling;

Common Output Current: 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 400A, 500A;

Common Output voltage: 100V, 150V, 200V, 250V, 300V, 400V;

Electrodialysis principle: