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KY-12XS Series Intelligent dual rectifier control hot spare electrophoretic paint

First, the main purpose for automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, metal shell, such as electrophoretic coating production lines and similar technical requirements rectifier power supply applications.

Second, the main technical performance Edward appliances using self-developed intelligent dual-control hot standby technology, primary and secondary control system in case of failure instantly bumpless switching;

Adopted a 12-phase full-wave rectifier, can effectively reduce the harmonic pollution;

Low ripple output, rated to less than 1%;

Touch screen display and control, can record more than one technology curve, easy to store and recall;

With RS-485 communication function;

Print function;

Third, product specifications

Output voltage 0 ~ 500V, Output current 0 ~ 5000A, can be arbitrarily selected according to user requirements.

Cooling: air-cooled, oil cooling, oil cooling.

Twelve-phase waveforms reload